Fuse Architecture




Project Name:         Condell Park Daycare Centre

Location:                  Condell Park, New South Wales
Status:                      Approved
Type:                         Educational
Site Area:                  1212 m²
Gross Floor Area:    463.43 m²

Nestled within suburban Sydney, this highly considered centre for early childhood learning aims to provide a place for 47 children to dream big.

Our clients own and operate several centres that have been recipients of Local Business Awards for Excellence in Childcare Services but were adamant that things could be done better.

They went looking for what could be possible and found us. We went looking for what could be possible and found the genius of kindergarten guru Friedrich Froebel who stated “play (as) the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul” and with him we found our way forward and a wand for helping weave the magic.

The centre with its aspirations for soul building became a series of playful moments in an environment designed to encourage and inspire creativity and learning through play. The goal was to embed possibilities for exploration and play into every part of our intervention, and to facilitate the learning through every part of the architecture.

The architectural form is simple, a child’s concept drawing of an A frame house subtly carved out for specific programmatic requirements. The spaces created vary in scale and volume to accommodate individual and communal activities, for different levels of ability. The architecture offers subtle variety in spatial quality to encourage many types of play and diverse learning experiences. It aims to establish connections for its students to each other and the world around them, but also for the spaces themselves into that same outside world. Playrooms are connected seamlessly to the outside, and layered with the same qualities of play and exploration. The architecture both built and natural invite children to crawl, roll, ride, climb and walk to learn with all their senses. The individual moments are united through a singular external architectural expression and the pedagogy from which it is derived.

The result is a bespoke facility incorporating best practice early childhood learning.