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Converting the site into an energetic contribution for students and staff, the design sees a transformation from traditional classroom development framework where desks are lined in rows and a teacher educates from the front, to a model that prioritises natural light, flexible furniture and technology-enabled teaching and learning. 

The new structure has raised the campus with architecture and integrated interiors simplifying learning in a digital age, with a variety of spaces for task-based, student-centred flexible learning

With a clear focus on personalised learning, the school’s approach demonstrates the shift towards student-centred learning where collaboration, creativity and critical thinking are all essential components



KCCS is what happens when a progressive client with ambitions to foster tomorrow’s leaders meets a creative architectural studio looking to lead now.

Collaborating closely with our client, we helped plan a multi staged strategy for establishing a new, independent and innovative school in Arncliffe, Sydney. The school opened in 2015, putting into practice its belief that schools should utilise modern methods of engaging students to best equip them for a future world that no one can truly define.

Our goal was to design a space to support the delivery of that pedagogy. To establish a framework where the school’s 4C values; creativity, critical reflection, communication and collaboration could be made explicit in a physical form. To help teachers become better facilitators, to more readily inspire their students and help keep them challenged. The architecture is designed to make students central to their own learning to allow a dynamic, deeper and exciting form of learning under the supportive watch of their creative teachers.

The design is for 200 students from Kindergarten to Y12 so spaces are planned to be scaled to suit the various stages of a child’s learning. The Architecture is conceived of as an aperture to the sites existing heritage cottage. The form is an expression of its suburban context which is then subjugated to provide a civic presence, a front door worthy of the school’s lofty ambitions.


Project Name:         Kingdom Culture Christian School

Location:                  Arncliffe, New South Wales
Status:                      Approved
Type:                         Educational
Site Area:                  3,315 m²
Gross Floor Area:    1,730 m²