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kee Display

Location:                  Lidcombe, New South Wales
Status:                      Completed
Type:                         Display Suite
Site Area:                 118 m²
Gross Floor Area:    72 m²

The smallest of our projects to date. This one is a test of ingenuity and resourcefulness, a massive impact with a tiny budget. A 12m x 6m prefabricated shell craned onto site and fitted out in just a few days, to become the keystone in the sales strategy for 147 apartments in Sydney’s west. FUSE were asked to coordinate and consolidate the creative and real estate assets into a simple and elegant display suite, to work closely with the marketing team at HEARD CREATIVE to deliver on a fixed budget documentation to implement the construction, fitout, interior design and ultimately the styling of the display.

The KEE project materials and finishes schedule was simplified and applied as a dry run for the detailing of the larger building to come. We worked closely with the contractor to detail robust and practical solutions for the key components of the display suite shell. We designed all the internal joinery, kitchen and bathroom fitout. We priced and scheduled all the fittings and fixtures and worked closely with HEARD to seamlessly integrate all the marketing paraphernalia.

The concept was to find a simple way to express the architectural intent and building tectonics of the development to come. To detail a transportable, prefabricated module that to be reused by the developer for their subsequent developments. The dimensions were limited to what can be transported on a truck, so the enclosed display module was supplemented onsite by an external pergola to act as an entry portal to the pod but also double the useable area available to the sales team. The siting of the pod was such that its external walls could be used a billboard when viewed from the public domain. The result is a small but welcoming refined box, a perfect example of architectural rigour made good and a promise for potential buyers of what is to come.