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Ravello DA Approved

DA APPROVED for Ravello Sutherland.

Ravello is a boutique apartment development in Sutherland and a refined product of its specific environmental constraints. The architecture is a singular form shaped practically for light and air, and programmatically for an appropriate contextual fit. The elegant form sits in a lush landscape and 100% of apartments are oriented north and shaped to achieve solar access and natural cross ventilation.   The architectural concept is built around the idea of celebrating the social potential of apartment living. We have layered the circulation spaces with gestures and details to facilitate connections and interactions between neighbours, to create a vertical village where each apartment relates to an elevated communal sidewalk rather than a corridor. This central circulation spine is left open for access to light and natural ventilation to optimise opportunities for social interaction between residents, and encourage their active use for the promotion of healthy living.

SUTHERLAND_garden view
Fuse Architecture