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Fuse Talk: High Rise Children - The Sydney Morning Herald

FUSES’ High Rise Children talk has spurred discussion on the issue in the Sydney Morning Herald

One of the principals of Fuse, architect Rachid Andary, said there was almost a “moral obligation” for the profession to consider the needs of all ages in their work.

“It’s not just housing the immediate generation. This is a legacy that’s going to be around for a long time,” said Mr Andary.

He was moved to consider the issue when he was designing a unit development at the same time as his daughter was learning to cartwheel. “She said ‘can I go downstairs and do cartwheels?’ I said ‘no you can’t – if you go downstairs I can’t see you',” recalled Mr Andary. “But then I thought, if we’re mandated to build communal open space [in large blocks], why don’t we maximise the number of apartments overlooking the communal open space, so that if someone’s daughter wants to go do cartwheels, they can watch them from their balcony."

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